Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MC Collectables unique?
MC Collectables offers faster turnarounds and doesn’t charge additional fees. We are the first one in the world to deliver your high-value card collections personally at your doorstep in consultation if you live in the Netherlands or Belgium. The way we connect with you on a personal level has never been seen in the grading industry.
What cards can I send to MC Collectables?
You can send us
  • Pokémon
  • Magic The Gathering
  • Dragon Ball cards
What does PCA mean?
PCA stands for Professional Card Authenticator. They are the #1 grading company in Europa and provide expert, industry standard grading.
Is there a difference between PCA and the American grading scale?
The basis of the grading scales are the same. The only difference is that PCA upholds a more precise standard by including the grades 10+ Collector and 9.5 New.
What does the grading process look like?
Your cards will be scrutinised independently by three different experts. Each expert looks at your cards under a microscope and inspects the edges, centering, corners and surface. This way, they ensure meticulous, accurate and impartial grading.
Can I send in cards only for protection and not for grading?
Of course! As card collectors ourselves, we understand the sentimental value you may have towards your cards. Simply write in the comments box you only want to have your card protected and not graded, and we will take care of it.
How will you protect my cards?
The cases are made of quality, robust and ultra-transparent plastic to protect your cards for life from impacts, scratches, folds, UV light, humidity and splashes. They are sonically sealed and have an elegant look. Once opened, they cannot be resealed again.
How and where do I send my cards to?
1. Put you cards in a penny sleeve
2. Put your cards in a toploader
3. Send the cards in a box to:
Johanna Naberstraat 73F 1827LB Alkmaar The Netherlands
Can I drop off / pick up my cards?
Yes! Drop them off / pick them up from Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm at
Johanna Naberstraat 73F 1827LB Alkmaar The Netherlands
Can I send in cards with other people?
Yes, you can. Simply mention this in the comments box when filling in your form. Watch out: sending in cards with multiple people does not grant you volume discount.
How do you ensure safe sending?
We take on full liability for the shipping from us to PCA and back to us. You get maximum insurance, meaning, your cards will be insured for their current value when sending, and for their new value upon return. Liability for the shipping from us back to you, however, is on behalf of the shipping company of your choice, or the customer, in case you decide to pick up your cards.
How long do I have to wait for my cards to return?
Your cards will return within 45 to 60 working days.
How will my cards be sent back to me?
High-value card collections will be delivered at your doorstep, personally by us in consultation. Other card collections will be delivered by a shipping company of your choice.
What if my cards get lost?
If your cards get lost during shipping from us to PCA, or from PCA to us, you will get fully refunded for the current market value of your cards.
How much does it cost to grade my cards?
See ‘Prices’ in the navigation menu for a detailed overview of the prices.